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Do you feel alone?

At Addiction Care The Connection you will find a peaceful environment, warm support and we will help you to reconnect with yourself and important others. Moreover we will do everything to let you find back your strength and become stronger than your addiction.

We can help you ambulantly or support you 28 days internally. In case of a fallback you can always come back to us. We never let go of people we help!

Do you want an internal admission?

From addiction to connection

Welcome at Addiction Care The Connection

Welcome at Addiction Care The Connection, a place where peace and hope come together on the journey from addiction to connection. We understand that addiction can be a challenging and sometimes lonely road, but we believe in the force of change and personal growth. We will show you why you could choose our addiction care and what we do to support you on your path to recovery.

We are not an addiction clinic, but we will definitely help you to get rid of your addiction. Our successes prove so!

Do you want to get to know us for free and without obligation?

Come along on Wednesday evening to the NA meeting!

We have a short weight for internal admission and support you during your weight. 

Immediate admission is currently possible.

TED Podcast in english about what science thinks about addiction
So far only the homepage has been translated.

12 Steps Program

Family Systemic Work

Connected Breathing + Icebath

Mind Walk Coaching and Mindfulness

Inner Child Work

Sport and Games

Horse Coaching

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Don't wait any longer and contact us or leave your data. We will call you as soon as possible.
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Bij Verslavingszorg De Verbinding vind je een rustgevende omgeving, hartelijke ondersteuning en helpen wij jou om weer verbinding te vinden met jezelf en belangrijke anderen.

Wij zijn geen afkickkliniek, maar je kunt hier prima afkicken tussen de bossen en de weilanden op de rand van Veldhoven en Eindhoven in het groene Brabant, in de regio Tilburg - Den Bosch - Eindhoven.


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